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Anand Jon
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Anand Jon Education reduces prison sentence

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October 17th 2018 Anand Jon Alexander, Receiving his Dean’s List level GED (Otay Mesa) while in prison and is planning to take multiple College degrees ( while waiting for his freedom)


Mahatma Gandhi Portrait – By Anand Jon


Dallas prosecutors move to dismiss all charges against Anand Jon

Dallas prosecutors move to dismiss all charges against Anand JonAfter indicting (June 2007) Anand Jon on three felony counts and dragging those charges for more than a decade, the Dallas District Attorney’s Office has now dismissed ALL   charges in response to Anand Jon’s demand for immediate trial at the Dallas Court Room of the Honorable Judge Brandon Birmingham. Anand Jon has suffered 11 years of a draconian 59 years to life prison sentence and continues to hold steadfast to his innocence. There was neither physical evidence (not a single “scratch” on anyone), nor were there any percipient witnesses to corroborate any criminal conduct. Additionally, Anand Jon passed a lie detector test to further prove his innocence. In April 2007, despite finding that Anand Jon had no history of violence, he was not a flight risk, and he was not a threat to anyone, Judge Elden Fox of the Beverly Hills’ court set Anand Jon’s bail at $1.3 million dollars, which was promptly paid. However, Beverly Hills Police Department (“BHPD”) re-arrested Anand Jon during a court hearing (Jun. 12, 2007) by convincing the Dallas Police to file these Dallas charges (the same claims that had already been investigated and rejected earlier in Dec. 2006) which in turn revoked Anand Jon’s California bail and crippled his defense. Beverly Hills Police Department Det. George Elwell testified, and the L.A. prosecution assured the L.A. trial court, that they had “met their burden” and turned over everything and had run background searches on all prosecution witnesses wherein they found no criminal records or impeachment evidence whatsoever. However, at least five criminal convictions, multiple acts of moral turpitude, and impeachment involving the prosecution witnesses has since been confirmed to have existed during that time but was withheld from Anand Jon’s defense team and the trial jury. The Brady errors and subsequent prejudice is self-evident because the jury found Anand Jon “not guilty” and/or “hung” on those complainants for whom similar criminal records or impeachment were revealed to the jury. Despite providing substantial amounts of newly discovered and previously withheld evidence by the BHPD that pointed not just to Anand Jon’s factual innocence, but showed he was the victim of a conspiracy among scorned women and disgruntled business associates, the Dallas District Attorney moved to dismiss all charges against Anand Jon for “neutral” reasons without further justification. Dallas defense counsel Rajish Jose of the Beltz Law Firm noted that the Dallas prosecutor’s purported reasons to drop all three accusers and all charges are due to Mr. Alexander’s convictions in California and the “cost of transport” from California. Such excuses are absurd and if anything, an attempt to cover up the litany of transgressions by law enforcement that caused the conviction of an innocent man in the overlapping California case.


Contact: Free Anand Jon Alexander


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By a Correspondent Nov 7, 2018

International Innovators Panel Takes on Case of Anand
Jon, Others

Speakers and guests, including many from the Indian American 
community, attend the International Innovators Forum Fight for
Social Justice and Human Rights on Nov. 4, 2018 in Malibu,
California.(Charley Galley/Getty Images for InternInnovators
of Justice/American Justice Alliance) Read more..

Just this Past Weekend, the Who's Who of Social & Justice Activism, Entertainment, Fashion and Politics Converged in Malibu, CA for the International Innovators of Justice forum & Documentary Series

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Just this past weekend, the who's who of social & justice activism, entertainment, fashion and politics converged in Malibu, CA for the International Innovators of Justice Forum & documentary series to take on solving the epidemic of false allegations, police misconduct, and wrongful convictions like Jeffrey Deskovic, Bill Bastuk, and Anand Jon Alexander.

Worldwide Innovators Panel Takes on Case of Anand Jon, Others - Mehndi Simple News Bollywood Stars Worldwide Innovators Panel Takes on Case of Anand Jon, Others The Worldwide Innovators of Justice Discussion board and Documentary Collection was held Nov. four in Malibu, Calif., with a plethora of leaders headlining the occasion.

Jon came of age as a self- described party boy in Miami in the 1990s. That celebrity-studded culture, where he met and befriended the late designer Gianni Versace, helped inspire and shape his career in fashion. “Miami was hot then, it was like SoHo, so you got to know everyone fast, and I just became a part of it,” he says. The South Indian-born, Parsons-trained Jon launched his first line at New York Fashion Week in 1999 and has gone on to dress the likes of Paris Hilton (who has modeled many of his clothes on the runway), Janet Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. His sexy, intricately beaded gowns have been sold at upscale department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel.
Beginning this spring, Jon, 30, is bringing his elaborately styled clothing into the mainstream. His new denim line, Jeanisis, priced from $180 to $340, will be sold in boutiques like Atrium in New York and On Sunset in Los Angeles. Like his other designs, the jeans are a clear reflection of his Indian heritage (he lived there till he was 16). They are embroidered and hand-painted with symbols of snakes, flowers and eagles–some of which are boldly positioned near the crotch. “There is a humor, but also a sexuality to it,” says Jon. “It’s something that we haven’t seen before, and that’s why we love it,” says Angilina Everett, owner of Kush, one of the Los Angeles shops that will carry the new line. Unlike many of the low-slung denim lines so popular today, his run a bit higher at the waist and are more flattering to women with curves. That’s why he’s expecting them to appeal to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. “A lot of designers design clothes that only look good on certain Hollywood shapes,” says Shauna Stein of On Sunset. “But he designs clothing that could go on a variety of body shapes.”
This spring, Jon will also be stepping out from behind his sewing machine and going before the camera. He’s starring in a reality TV show that he’s developed for VH1 with his friend and “Lost” star Michelle Rodriguez, in which cameras will shoot his daily life as a designer and socialite. He’s also taking a stab at acting, portraying a bad-boy Indian fashion designer in an upcoming 􀁹lm by “Bend It Like Beckham” director Gurinder Chadha.
His latest plans go along with his desire to transcend fashion. Versace, he says, was an inspiration because he was “more of a cultural phenomenon than a designer.” Ideally, Jon would like to make an impact beyond the catwalk and the red carpet. “I know ultimately I’m just a glorified tailor,” he says. “But as in any profession, if you’re a gloried tailor with a purpose, then the sky’s the limit.”

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Deskovic Foundation

There are approximately 120,000 wrongfully convicted people in prison today in the United States. The Deskovic Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted and reform of the system that allows these miscarriages of justice to take place.

American Justice Alliance

The urgent need for a nation-wide mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief lead to the genesis of American Justice Alliance. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU !! Working to Prevent Wrongful Convictions & AccusationsWorking to Prevent Wrongful Convictions & Accusations

Puppy Love Sanctuary

is a non-profit charity organization that began to counter a silent crisis of abandoned and abused in Southeast Asia is now expanding worldwide.

 International Innovators of Justice

Press Release Latest News Fight for Social Justice and Human Rights MALIBU, CA – NOVEMBER 04: Speakers and guests attend the International Innovators Forum at the Fight for Social Justice and Human Rights on November 4, 2018 in Malibu, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for International Innovators of Justice/American Justice Alliance) Fight for Social .

Anand Jon

A rising star in the high fashion world, Indian born-New York based Anand Jon (Alexander) was falsely accused by a group of admittedly scorned women and wrongfully convicted via a sham of a Los Angeles trial(2008) rampant with due process violations.

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