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Anand Jon was featured in Newsweek’s “Who’s Next in 2007“, as one of the leaders of the Fashion industry. (read more)




Anand Jon, an acclaimed International Fashion designer of Indian origin had everything going for him in the right direction. Few days before he signed in the prestigious project with Wall Street which funded his company, Anand was arrested in March 2007 in Beverley Hills accused for forcible rape of one Jessy B. The sheer proof of Anand passing the lie detector test and the rape kit being negative were evidences enough to prove his innocence. But the prosecution added several other complaining witnesses to the existing case and Anand was alleged with various degrees of sexual abuse.http_www.nytimes.com_2007_04_15_fashion_15anand.html_pagewanted_all__r_0

It is vital to note here that Anand did not flee the country when he was out on bail after the initial charges. He wanted to fight it out and prove his innocence. An incident to prove the level of conspiracy and bias against the designer was when he was falsely charged to be an illegal immigrant in the United States. He was detained again and sent to the INS jail even though he was legal. An INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) judge eventually throughout the charge stating that he was legal and should have never been in INS.

The prosecution moved the case from the Beverly Hills court and judge Elden Fox to the Downtown Los Angeles court where Anand was indicted on over fifty nine counts. His defense team asserts that these models have made up these charges and are nothing less than “wannabes” craving for publicity, fame and potentially fortune. A group of around 23 complaining witnesses were produced by the prosecution. The girls joined the bandwagon after the initial first complaint so eager with statements of alleging sexual abuse which occurred in a time period of 2001 to 2007.

If it were true, then why did the girls take so long to speak up? Not even one of the 23 so called victims had any complaints until 2007. Why were no 911 calls made by any of the complaining witnesses when that is what any assaulted person would attempt to do? All these not only prove that these are conniving charges but also gets one suspicious about the motive behind bringing down a well know celebrity.

CNN writes about the Fashion designer’s sex case. http_edition.cnn.com_2008_CRIME_08_27_anand.jon_

Times of India writes about ‘Flashback of a rape accused‘. http_timesofindia.indiatimes.com_NEWS_Sunday-TOI_articleshow_msid-1775512,curpg-2.cms_from_mdr

Also, the Lead Detective destroyed crucial evidencehttp_www.oneindia.com_2008_08_21_lead-detective-destroyed-evidence-crucial-anand-jons-1219320420.html

Signs of a tainted verdict and many allegations upon jurors were evident as early as in Nov 2008. Though there was a clear scenario to declare the case as a mistrial, the trial judge repeatedly ordered for the deliberations to continue. Anand was convicted on August 31 2009 with a life sentence of over 59 years. The act came in as a shock of injustice to many when it was officially declared that there were juror misconduct and the prosecution was caught red- handed for intercepting a juror in July 2009. Appeals were made on prosecutorial misconduct where in the lead detective accepted of acts such as evidences being tampered and even destroyed which were in favor of the defense. http_www.nydailynews.com_news_national_fashion-designer-claims-conspiracy-put-behind-bars-article-1.1316191

Also, Anand Jon passed the lie detector test. http_www.laweekly.com_news_anand-jons-lie-detector-test-2387629

Anand Jon juror Alvin Dymally tried to meet with defendant’s sister before conviction, defense lawyers say. http_articles.latimes.com_2009_jul_05_local_me-anandjon5

The same juror gave his telephone number to the sister of the defendant. https_jonathanturley.org_2009_09_16_for-a-good-time-call-juror-12-juror-held-in-contempt-in-trial-of-anand-jon-alexander-for-contacting-sister_

According to LATimes, he made his last stand in August 2009http_www.laweekly.com_news_anand-jon-makes-last-stand-2390750

By the end of Jan 2010, Anand was moved to New York upon similar charges made mostly by the same complaining witnesses. A dozen plus charges were dropped by the NY prosecution, though no explanations were made as to why they dropped in it now and not in LA. Later Anand Jon was successful in beating 48 out of the 49 counts and walked out with a minor plea from New York .

There were no charges made against these women who had gotten away with perjury, defamation and cyber crime. Such is the state of injustice meted to Anand Jon. It is a clear case of violation of Human Rights.

Here are some of the greatest Fashion Scandals, according to WMagazine.

After struggling for almost 6 years, Anand Jon Alexander was moved into California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi in May 2013. A new Writ of Habeas Corpus has been filed in California on the 18th of December 2013.The court had instructed the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office to respond to every points that were raised in the Writ (which is yet to be responded).

Sanjana Jon, sister and Sashi Abraham, mother of fashion designer Anand Jon believe that ‘Jon victim of racial discrimination’. http_www.indiapost.com_jon-victim-of-racial-discrimination_

After 7 and half long years Anand Jon is very confident and anxiously waiting for Justice to prevail and for his legal freedom, so that he can be back home with his mother and sister very soon, as Truth and God are with him. http_www.foxnews.com_entertainment_2013_02_14_designer-admits-molesting-wannabe-model-in-nyc-was-convicted-in-calif-similar_

And here are the  The 10 Biggest Scandals according to Papermaghttp_www.papermag.com_nyc-scandals-1576219214.html


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